At home in the Luberon

Our guests respond

“Thank you again for providing the best vacation I have ever had.”
“Linda, Daphne, and Simon could not have been more hospitable
nor accommodating.”
“Every day held new and fun experiences in one of the most beautiful regions
in France.”
“Fabulous meals every day.”
“We can't say enough great things about our Week in the Luberon!!!!!”
– Courtney

“This was a trip of a lifetime. I especially enjoyed visiting the local towns with their fabulous French markets. The lovely dinners with Daphne and Linda's local friends were amazing and so much fun.”

“Staying at Hautes Courennes was definitely a unique facet of the whole experience. I really felt we were living with the “natives” and experiencing a way of life not ordinarily available to the regular traveller.”

“Everywhere was spectacular to see. I think you had the perfect itinerary. Having you three to host us, knowing all that you know about that area, made for a fabulous visit.”

“It’s months later and we are still talking about our Luberon travels. We loved the holistic approach you took towards immersing us in all aspects of life in Provence. During the week we learned history, shopped at markets, met local artists and spent time with people who live in the area.”
– Deborah

“It was such an incredible experience! I will always remember with great fondness, my first trip abroad spent with 3 amazing people with such interesting stories of their own!!”
– Shelly

“It was the three of you, your humour, intelligence, passion and love for this country an the Luberon region that made this trip so special an memorable.”
– Julia

“We will never forget our time here and the wonderful people who took such great care of us.”
– Betsy

“The time, thought, energy and kindness and consideration you have extended to us will never ever be forgotten.”
– Mary

“Daphne, Simon and Linda were the perfect hosts. I especially liked the visits to locals homes. Those were experiences only you could have provided with your personal touches. Linda's touch of fresh baked goods every morning was also very much appreciated.”
– Polly

“We all concurred it was an enchanting trip of a lifetime. We absolutely loved getting to meet the locals and experience the cuisine of Provence.”
– Cynthia